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Constance Nyland

Collinsville, Illinois
Bringing back the classic doll cake. The doll cake is great especially for little girls but some of my older girlfriends love them, even grandma.

Tell us about your business.

I started making doll cakes for one of my sisters birthdays. Then my other sisters, nieces and friends all cried that they never had a doll cake. What really made me go into business is when I brought my doll cake to a restaurant to celebrate my friends birthday. So many people came to our table and wanted to know where we got the doll cake from. I also made small doll cakes for my other 4 friends at the table. One lady wanted to buy a cake I had at the table. Of course I didn't, it was for my friend, but exchanged my name & number with her. I see my business as a specialty shop for special occasions. I make three different size cakes now. I have also been wanting to make a really big doll cake using a one and a half to two foot doll. I want to expand my line of cakes to cater to boys possibly using action figures, cars and trucks on the top of the cake.

What makes your business stand out?

My business is unique because I really don't see anyone making doll cakes anywhere and I feel that there is a whole generation that hasn't even seen a doll cake. My cakes appeal to a wide range of customers. Of course little girls who want a princess doll cake but alot of older women really like them, it reminds them of their childhood when their mom made them a doll cake. I do alot of custom made dolls using different items. For example a doll cake for some one who go to tag sales, or to a casino. I buy or make items to decorate for the occasion. I have made Cinco Di Mayo cake, hawaiian cake, Princess cake, a mommy & me cake and a mermaid cake. I can create just about any cake a customer might want. My plans for my business also includes donating to my favorite charities, hosting special events and connecting with communities.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice came from my local sba group. It is so important to have a business plan, take good photo's, packaging and getting the product to the target customer.

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