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Alyssa Watters

Beverly, Massachusetts
artbyalyssa creates gift items using reproductions of Alyssa Watters' original oil painted images. Including coasters, calendars, prints and more

Tell us about your business.

artbyalyssa is a company based in Beverly, MA. I founded artbyalyssa as a way to combine my love for oil painting with my passion for creating handmade gift products. Originally from CT, I moved to MA in 2003 to attend Montserrat College of Art. After getting my BFA, I managed one of the leading stationery shops on the North Shore. On top of running a shop full time, I kept myself very busy by also hosting solo art shows, experimenting with creating gift products, attending local craft fairs and submitting my products for wholesale at local businesses. In 2011, I decided to leave my day job to pursue artbyalyssa full time. Today, artbyalyssa can be found in six states, at craft fairs throughout New England and at my larger solo shows that I curate twice a year. My goals for the future are to grow my wholesale connections and spread artbyalyssa further into the country, while remembering to always keep my love of painting as the driving force behind artbyalyssa.

What makes your business stand out?

artbyalyssa is unique because every image used is painted by me. These products do not reproduce purchased stock images. Each image is one of a kind. From the age of 16, I have always worked in small family run gift shops. I think this is where I subconsciously picked up a love for certain products and a sense of what the shopper is looking for. When I started creating gift products with my art, it wasn't something that I had ever planned. I majored in Illustration, but artbyalyssa just sort of naturally happened. The shop that I ran after college gave me full reign to hang my art and bring in pretty much whatever I wanted to sell. So I started experimenting with making handmade cards and magnets, when those did well it encouraged me to try more, and before I knew I had a full line and was signing up for my first craft fairs. At the moment, artbyalyssa is just me. Everything is done in the same studio, from painting the image to shipping the product. I live to create.

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