The Icecalator

American Made Since 2008

Lisa Miller

Norwalk, Connecticut
The Icecalator is a portable tabletop ice dispenser. It allows for ice to be retrieved in a simple and sanitary manner in any setting. USA Made.

Tell us about your business.

I wanted to make a better designed ice bucket. It always seemed messy and cumbersome with the tongs (if you could find them). After designing and making an operable prototype in my basement I then had a professional model done. I proceeded to apply for a US Patent which I have since been awarded. The next step which was the most daunting was finding an American manufacturer to work with a one person operation like mine. Very difficult. I eventually found a great company based in Long Island to produce the Icecalator and have continued to work with them up until the present. My business will continue to evolve, grow and thrive as we achieve more market recognition and utilize this increased exposure to boost sales.

What makes your business stand out?

The Icecalator is a "fun" gadget that simultaneously adresses the serious issue of food contamination. Remember, ice is water and it has the same contamination concerns. You wouldn't allow someone to put their hand in your water glass so don't let them handle your ice. The Icecalator lets you dispense ice without it coming in contact with the hands. It is a healthful alternative to traditional ice buckets. It's great for picnics, parties, tailgating etc. It can also be used in commercial settings (i.e. hotels, restaurants). It's portability adds to it's uniqueness by allowing the user to get clean ice anytime, anywhere.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Listen to the experts, digest the information, then go with your instincts. I've also been reminded no one knows your product better than you. You created it.

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