Kyra's Bake Shop

American Made Since 2009

Kyra Bussanich

Lake Oswego, Oregon
Founder of gluten-free & nationally acclaimed Kyra's Bake Shop. 2x Cupcake Wars champion. Author; Spreader of joy & desserts (those go together)!

Tell us about your business.

Following a severe battle for my health, and a conversion to eating gluten-free, I graduated with honors from Le Cordon Bleu and opened my award-winning bakery “Kyra’s Bake Shop” (formerly called Crave Bake Shop) in Lake Oswego, Oregon. My specialty is "gluten-free, deliciously"-- and I quickly became a sensation & picked up national media attention as a “must see when you visit Portland.” I am a two-time winner of The Food Network’s hit show “Cupcake Wars,” winning even though my recipes are exclusively gluten-free (beating “regular” bakers), with glowing reviews from judges believing it impossible to get such flavor with this “handicap.” I love to help those similarly with celiac or other autoimmune diseases enjoy delicious items while still adhering to eating gluten-free. With gluten-free quickly becoming a lasting & commonly accepted lifestyle, everyone is searching for the secret winning formula. I am delivering it, starting with my cookbook, "Sweet Cravings" (out Sept 10).

What makes your business stand out?

Our primary goal is to give joy, celebration and inclusion back to those who are used to sitting out, excluded and unable to eat the birthday cake or Thanksgiving pie, due to a gluten intolerance. We're doing that through beautiful and delicious pastries that are so good, NO ONE would know they were gluten-free (unless you told them).

What's the best business advice you've received?

You hear the adage, "find work you love and you'll never work a day in your life," and it's true. I have always loved to bake and even though I work very hard, I am so passionate about what I'm doing, and how I'm helping others, that it always feels worthwhile.

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