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shay carrillo

Portland, Oregon
Passionate about color, design, and vintage textiles, and inspired by everyday living, 2 moms create useful, thoughtful, products for the home.

Tell us about your business.

NPG was born from my love to make things--as a creative outlet which also allows me to tend to my home and family. Most products spring from a functional need expressed with a beautiful material, like small home-made napkins in my kids’ lunches becoming the Everyday Napkins line. Or the hand stitched felt balls created for my heavy-handed boy to throw around the house. Sometimes it's the inspiration of a vintage textile that I want to give new life and experience in a new way. I see NPG thriving and growing by continuing to marry our best ideas with the most beautiful, natural materials, meeting the desires of the market. Future vision of NPG includes working with textile designers & makers locally & internationally while creating work for other mothers who hold their mama-work in high regard and have a need or desire to work. I believe it is possible to be creatively & financially fulfilled while also being an active part of my family's daily life, and I am on a mission to prove it.

What makes your business stand out?

NPG is a unique, no frills, high aesthetic, high function, thoughtful brand. Two women with similar tasteful eyes, with similar concerns and considerations for designing and doing business, and similar desires to work hard and play hard with our friends & families. We look for balance and beauty in our everyday and try our best to share our ideas and results.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Stay true to you and your brand, don’t lose touch with your values when any success comes. Be in it to love it not to win it, and in the end you will win.

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