Bow Tie Me!

American Made Since 2013

Troy Miller

Warwick, New York
Everyone can wear a bow tie, you just need to find one to fit your sense of style. Mine give you a work look and a play look in the same tie!

Tell us about your business.

We started as a fluke. I had been wearing bow ties for several years when I was at a charity event and received a ton of compliments on my bow tie. Susan Sarandon remarked how much she loved my tie, when someone said, “he made it”. But it got me to thinking, I could make them. I do have a good eye on what looks good on a man, and I know fashion. So I started making bow ties. We wanted to create a “green” bow tie where we used recycled materials; old dress shirts, old pants, etc. We would use these materials as our base which gave birth to our first bow tie, the Gavroche tie. A simple tie that is rough around the edges but maintains a sense of class and style. We aim to create ties that are multi-functional, a business look and a hip/casual look. As we grow, we want to branch out from custom made ties to ties, we have already fulfilled a few orders of over 50 ties per order. This made us realize that the market wants unique ties that have a custom vibe but on a larger scale.

What makes your business stand out?

Not only are we an Eco/Green Friendly company with our designs but we also create bow ties that have more than one "look" to them. Each tie is two pieces, and each piece has two contrasting fabrics. Mix and Match or Reversible, your choice! With one tie, there are four possible ways to tie it, add a second tie in and the possibilities expand exponentially!

What's the best business advice you've received?

You are your bow ties! Design what you would wear, if you wouldn't wear it, why would someone else where it? You are the image of the brand.

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