Doves and Figs

American Made Since 2010

Robin Cohen

Arlington, Massachusetts
Doves and Figs modern farmhouse style jams, are made with locally-grown fruit, a sprinkle of sugar, dried fruit, nuts, spices, & a bit of fun.

Tell us about your business.

As a little girl I lived in Montauk LI at our small family motel for the summers. At the end of the vacation season, wild grapes grew fat & dark purple & plentiful. Our family washed all of the pails retired from sand castle building & filled them with grapes from which Dad made gallons of grape jam. The sweet drunken scent of grapes and sugar drew motel patrons to the kitchen. While most kids want to open a lemonade stand, I dreamed of someday selling summer jam. Many years have passed, many recipes have been created, pounds and pounds of local fruit have been simmered and my summer jam stand has become real. Doves and Figs creates all of our products with lots of sun-ripened fresh fruit grown in New England. We simmer the fruit with sugar & other creative additions till it has the perfect jammy texture and we fill hot mason jars with the jam. The jars are cooled and labeled with our fun (sometimes silly) names like Evil Apple and then then go off to stores and farmers markets.

What makes your business stand out?

We are making recipes and using methods that have been around for hundreds of years but adapting them to a modern kitchen. Sourcing ingredients as close to home as possible not only provides the wonderful full flavor in our jam, but it helps us build a relationship between the farmers and the customers. Robin is writing a book about small farms in Massachusetts so sometimes it feels like we are not just filling jars with jam but with stories too.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I got was from my Dad when he told me that the food business would be hard work, long hours, and totally worth the struggle to make something people love.

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