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Nick Ackley

Mars Hill, North Carolina
I have made a piece of jewelry in 48 states and two territories Guam and the Virgin Islands. I need Maine and Vermont to make all 50.

Tell us about your business.

I design and manufacturer custom jewelry. I started with an apprenticeship in high school and then traveled all over the country and the world honing my skills.I just relocated from Houston Texas to Mars Hill North Carolina where I am opening up a manufacturing business. I have been a jeweler for 25 years I design the pieces make molds of the piece and will start mass producing them as part of my line. on several of the pieces a portion of the sale will be donated to one of several foundations of your choice. my goal is to help other amputees obtain training to work in my industry. I am just getting set up and should be up and running by the end of August. Wish me luck! Please

What makes your business stand out?

what makes my business unique is me. I'm very proud of that. I've seen and done a lot in my life and had some serious ups and downs but nothing will slow me down from obtaining my goals. I love what I do and I pour my heart and soul into each piece that I create. I love the feeling I get when I present the customer with their piece of jewelry and at times brings tears to their eyes which in turn brings the hairs up on my arm

What's the best business advice you've received?

to be myself and to think before I speak.

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