Park Hill Design

American Made Since 2013

Meridythe Emmanuel & Michael Sevilla

Denver, Colorado
Evaluate the hue of passion-Captivate without restraint-Live boldly in the texture of emotion-Dance the ellipse of revolution- Be Inspiring!

Tell us about your business.

We come from many different places, by way of different needs and ambitions. We are to some extent Latin, Asian, African, and European. Our eyes meet in different angles under different dialects of brow, and our senses are pacified by different means. But, we blink in the same position of sun, our hair blowing in the same direction in time. Our days are conducted by the same red, yellow and green. Our children’s imaginations dance lightly over the same cloud animals and their memories of seasons and joy will be conjured by the same scents. We are a culture in ourselves, brimming with tradition and hungry for the richness that comes to life in the mixed media of everyday. Welcome to Park Hill, a neighborhood style that might be just like yours. I sew in my basement while my babies are sleeping I buy organic textiles from small businesses here in the us I am sensitive to the way things sound and feel The things I love the most start out as things that I hated

What makes your business stand out?

Maybe what makes my buisness unique is that it isn't unique at all. I am a fairly typical 35 year old American mother who is moved to create by my surroundings,and to sell by cultural design.everything beyond the sheer art of it all abides in the end in "buisness". I am at the very beginning of this journey, only just getting comfortable enough in the cadence and pace to begin to look around. I don't know the names of the mountains that lay before me or the plants that catch my feet. I am nothing to the landscape but an observer moving thoughtfully over its history. I am nothing to the path but one of the many who shoulders gravity to define it's purpose. I am nothing to the many, but a "one" made of moments. A "one"with a notion of projection- stumbling through context on a quest of translation.

What's the best business advice you've received?

50% off of ugly, is still ugly! If your gonna make things because they are pretty alone- failure is permanent. Super officially I employ a multi-sensory approach to design.

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