American Made Since 2010

Kellyn Timmerman

San Diego , California
Our architectural design expertise is what draws you to feNa - but the functionality, value & American Made quality are what captivate you.
California Style
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“Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.” Those few words have stayed with me since I first heard them & sparked a change in my life that lead to realizing my dream of starting feNa. The belief to live life with purpose & make it what you want it to be; an abundance of optimism & a deepened belief in myself & the beautiful world around me gave me the courage to take a risk & change careers from an architect to a handbag designer. Since these new heights of positive thinking lead the path to feNa, it’s only fitting this vibe emanates throughout the brand, & is the reason I named all the styles after something positive & powerful ~ something special to be passed to each person carrying feNa. Design is my passion, but the feeling I get when a customer chooses one (or six!) of my designs to carry their most precious belongings is one of the most rewarding gifts of my life & how I know that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. Thank you, for loving feNa!

What makes your business unique?

Our brand is part of who we are as a person. We believe strongly in doing what we can to be conscious of our surroundings and to practice sustainable living. We are proud to use eco-friendly treated leathers & try to be creative in ways to not waste materials and lower our business carbon footprint. As someone who was impacted by lay-offs, it was important to have our brand Made in the USA and be part of the movement to create jobs here. Our positive outlook on life transitions to feNa daily where we share our optimism with quotes/inspiration, in our style names and our entire presence on social media platforms. You won't find a negative comment anywhere. That is what makes us unique.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up.

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