Glory Magnolia Clothing

American Made Since 2011

Andrea Haase

San Pedro, California
Glory Magnolia Clothing is a unique style I call "Funky Cowgirl". It's re-purposed clothing Embellished with Vintage Notions & Unique Findings.

Tell us about your business.

Glory Magnolia is an organic creation that grew out of my love for art and collage, and my innate desire for combining decorating and fashion. I bought what I thought was the perfect dress in a Thrift Shop only to realize that it was too short for me to wear. Needless to say it hung in my closet! As fate would have it, I inherited some sewing notions. With some of the lace included, I made my first One of a Kind Treasure! I sewed lace along the hem, and added a ceramic button of an adorable Cherub on the lapel, and I became excited to wear my dress! With all of the positive reactions I received, I started embellishing everything!! When I find an item I want to embellish, I scour through my vintage lace supply and get an idea of what I want to do, i.e.: do I ruffle it or mix and match? Then I dig through my button/charm drawers to finish the look. Pin, sew and tag! I would love to see my business evolve to the point where it can support my family and my husband can work less.

What makes your business stand out?

My collections are a direct expression of who I am deep in my soul. When I'm in the groove, it can be almost Divine how things come together to complete a look. It's a fine line because embellishing can become gaudy if you over-do it, so a level of taste has to be maintained. I make my own garment labels and and sew them in next to the original label to respect the original designer. I do my best to use recycled materials, but I mostly love working with vintage lace and buttons. My tags are mini cards by, and they have a pic of my garments on the front and my business info on the back. Oh, and I love my name- a combo of my two favorite flowers, Morning Glory and Magnolias. And my Logo expresses my colorful fashion sense!!

What's the best business advice you've received?

My Mom once told me to do what I love, and the rest will come. I'm finally to the point of taking that advice!

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