BunHeadz ®

American Made Since 2012

Jennifer Carriedo

San Antonio, Texas
A new one step patent pending bunmaker that provides tightness along with added gripping straps to secure the hair on the bunmaker with no pins!

Tell us about your business.

We are from San Antonio, Texas and I am a wife and mother of three beautiful kids! I work full time so I am always looking for easy ways to do my hair so that I look professional & fresh day or night. I had tried the current bunmakers on the market which are the sponge/mesh donuts (including Hot Buns), the wire bendables and the DIY sock bun. All of which my hair fell off of by the time I got into the office because my hair is layered, thinner and not very long or there were to many steps involved. So I decided I needed to improve what was currently out there on the market and created BunHeadz in May 2012! I am proud of the product I've created because I created it out of necessity and I know it works! Currently no product on the market provides both the tightness and grip of BunHeadz. My goal for BunHeadz is to someday make it into the nearest drugstores and large shopping goods stores, but for now we are extremely happy to sell direct to our clients through Etsy and craft shows!

What makes your business stand out?

What makes my business truly unique is its commitment to being a product that actually works. There are many gimmick hair accessory products on the market I have tried that never really seem to work on my hair because it is thin and layered and I have never been able to make a big poofy bun so easily as I can with my BunHeadz. I took an old school idea of the DIY sock bun and transformed it into a marketable product that incorporates the best of the sock bun (the tightness) and added hair velcro to it so that my hair stays in place on it. Everyday I'm amazed by emails I receive. A client of mine who purchased BunHeadz for a little girl in New Jersey stated "Taylor has cerebral palsy and is being raised by her 77 year old grandmother who rarely can give her a stylish up do for school but her grandmother easily put the Bunheadz in! Thank you for making this young lady smile and making her feel "like one of us"". It amazes me how one simple hair accessory can make a girl feel so happy!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up.

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