Two Tone Press

American Made Since 2005

Michelle Dreher & Angie Dreher

Kansas City, Missouri
A Kansas City print shop, Two Tone Press is run by two spunky sisters, one with a background in art and the other a background in business.

Tell us about your business.

In 2005, several years after graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute, Michelle decided it was time to make something of her own by starting a print shop called Two Tone Press. It began as a modest studio in the corner of a rented loft apartment nestled among the industrial brick warehouses and train-yards of Kansas City’s West Bottoms district to owning a 2-story brick building that is now home to the full-service letterpress print shop. The studio aspires to innovate beyond the traditional look commonly found in letterpress printing through the use of hand-carved illustrations and bold bright colors. Joined by her sister, Angie, in 2011, they carefully craft every printed piece whether it's invitations, business cards, posters, or fine art prints. Although renovations are still under way, their goal is to have an inviting store front that will feature items from local artisans and to also offer hands-on workshops to the public in addition to all of their current print services.

What makes your business stand out?

Two Tone Press is comprised of two sisters that bring wildly different skill sets to the table. Michelle has the art and printmaking background and Angie has the business and art dabbler background. They come from a quirky close-knit family comprised of a stoic retired military father and a hilarious (and stubborn) Korean mother. Together they craft beautiful letterpress work with a colorful aesthetic focused on designs that incorporate bold colors and custom illustrations. They use this vision to create all manner of printed products from custom wedding invitations and business cards for clientele to posters and fine art prints for consumers by means of a centuries-old technique of relief printing.

What's the best business advice you've received?

'Sink or swim... either way you'll never know until you jump in...' Basically, you have to take a leap when going into business for yourself and you'll never know what's possible until you give it a try. The worst that could happen is that it fails, which means you pick yourself up and move on to something else, but then again... the best thing that could happen is that you've created something that wasn't there before.

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