Frick and Frack Scraps

American Made Since 2010

Bradley Barber

Hoschton, Georgia
The Materials I build with are the bits and scraps that didn't make the cut somewhere else so I give them another shot at being great.

Tell us about your business.

I design everything I make to be a welcome addition to the Happy parts of peoples lives. Warm objects that witness the celebration of friends, family, indoors or outdoors Year Round. My father was a designer/architect and after 37 years I have finally discovered that this is what I need to be doing instead of all of the other things. I start with the raw materials that I get from various sources. All of the wood I use is scrap wood and leftovers from various industries that was destined for a trash heap or burn pile. I invent something new in my mind and start cutting. I am trying new things everyday and that is fun. The next step for my business is to start getting scraps from disasters that get dumped in landfills and begin to build with it to raise money for the people the disaster affected. Also I want to build pieces for customers from materials they send me that are important to them. In addition I am always striving to learn techniques that make my work unique.

What makes your business stand out?

Every item I make is unique in it's own way by virtue of the materials I use. Each thing can vary a little here and there and people really like that. Also when I am ready to try new things,I can just do it, by virtue of the materials I use. I have the freedom to take design risks. There is very little waste in my work. The next phase of my development includes Scraps that actually have meaning to people. The board from someones childhood tree house for example. That sets me apart for sure. I just began building tings with wooden gutters from a Massachusetts Fire House and that is when I saw how important saving these things can be. Finally I think the things I create are fun. They are of my own imagination and there is a unique feature to that. I am not trying to compete with anyone, just make what I make to be used and style.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Do what you do and do it the best you can and never pretend you know the answer. Also I was told to worry about my designs and their quality first and if that is done right the rest of the business things will take care of themselves in time. That is all pretty sage.

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