Rebecca Ray Designs

American Made Since 1998

Rebecca Smith

Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Rebecca Ray Designs specializes in bench-made luxury handbags, fashion accessories and home décor inspired by the American Sporting Lifestyle.

Tell us about your business.

Rebecca Ray Designs is an American luxury handbag and accessory company that embraces the timeless elegance of the sporting life. Our designs are works of art, bench-made on an artisan's table. Rebecca's story is a familiar one- she started hand-making bags for friends and family. Now, almost 15 years later, Rebecca and a group of dedicated, talented women, have combined their skills with the ingenuity of the Amish community to create a sustainable company. Using responsibly tanned leathers and luxurious materials, our products are individually sewn on treadle machines, without electricity. We couple old-world techniques with cutting edge technology; a collaborative process between two very different cultures working side by side. Our company believes in America's history of quality, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit. We stand by "Doing Good while Doing Well" and embrace community involvement, charity and job development. We’re a uniquely American brand with an untamed spirit.

What makes your business stand out?

We produce beautiful couture products at accessible price points, that are highly relevant in today's fashion market while following manufacturing methods and quality standards created centuries ago. As much of the market moves to mass production, we honor the rapidly disappearing skills used by American seamstresses and harness makers. In addition, we provide jobs and spending power to our local communities, where our seamstresses and harness makers honor their Amish way of life, staying on the farm close to their families. We are honored to have unprecedented access to this remarkable community that has embraced our corporate mission and taught us many valuable lessons along the way. Our children have grown up together learning from each other the lessons of hard work, women entrepreneurship and respect for each other's cultures. In this amazing adventure, we've modeled a cottage industry that is sustainable, profitable and highly competitive mass-produced, social media driven world.

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