Rusted Creek

American Made Since 2010

Amy and Dave Kellum

Fort Myers, Florida
We build furniture. organizers and just about anything else out of reclaimed wood. Each piece is unique and quite frankly a work of art.

Tell us about your business.

Our business began with a little VooDoo. We wanted to create art together. Dave is a sculptor and Amy is a textile designer. It only made perfect sense to us that we should make Custom and Celebrity VooDoo dolls. Dave sculpted the dolls and Amy made the costumes. It turns out the display cases we designed were more popular than the dolls. We started making Jewelry cabinets in the same style as our displays. Our jewelry cabinets became extremely popular and evolved into a line of furniture. We are currently building on a line of tables with images on the surface. We have had huge success with our NYC subway map table and our Abraham Lincoln coffee table. We would love to build on these ideas. We truly feel that the sky is the limit with this technique and would love the opportunity to grow our business in this direction.

What makes your business stand out?

Dave has been a clay sculptor for 20+ years and Amy has been designing textiles for 16+ years. Each piece that we build and send out feels like a work of art. Dave takes time building each piece and making it unique. Most everything we build is made to order, so we are fortunate that many times we develop personal relationships with our customers. We love the personal aspect of our business.

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