Back To Organic

American Made Since 2012

Julie Feagin

Atlanta, Georgia
Back to Organic blends fresh herbs and citrus zest with fine, mineral rich salts to help simplify cooking and make food taste Gourmet in a Pinch.

Tell us about your business.

Back to Organic began as a website to feature my father's unfinished cookbook which he spent seven years composing by blinking at a communication board. He truly loved food and believed a good meal could heal and bring comfort. To pass on his love for food to our children, we started cooking together as a family and posting his recipes on the website. I created different mineral rich, herb salts to simplify our meals as well as add antioxidants and vitamins. We gave the fresh herb and zest salts to friends and family and everyone loved them. With all the support and enthusiasm to start a salt business, we decided to integrate the food site with the salts and raise money for ALS, Breast Cancer, and the Navy SEALs. The Rosemary French Grey, Margarita Himalayan Pink and Black Italian Truffle are the most popular. People love the fact I zest the lemons and limes by hand and use fresh herbs. With a little of our salt, recipes become Gourmet in a Pinch.

What makes your business stand out?

Back to Organic only uses fresh, organically grown herbs, the finest, mineral rich salts and certified organic citrus. Small batches are created after we wash and remove the leaves from the herb sprigs, hand zest the lemons and limes, and then blend them with the premium salts. Each batch is adjusted according to the different flavors of the herbs and citrus due to the season. We believe simple seasonings should make your food taste Gourmet in a Pinch as well as provide antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We strive to be eco-friendly and do not package salts in disposable plastic or aluminum containers. Our glass containers can be refilled, reused and recycled. We also create gift sets with ceramic baking dishes as the container so everything is useable and has a purpose. In addition, we created three different lines of salts to raise money for causes closest to our heart: ALS for my father, Breast Cancer research, and the Navy SEALs.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Make sure you maintain a balance between work and family and show your children how to succeed in both.

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