SKT Ceramics

American Made Since 2009

Susannah Tisue & Michael Miritello

Brooklyn, New York
SKT Ceramics hand crafts durable porcelain pottery adorned with fine illustrations and luminous glaze- rustic wares with a refined sensibility.
New York

Tell us about your business.

SKT Ceramics produces finely illustrated, high fired and incredibly durable porcelain wares. SKT are the initials of artist Susannah Tisue, stamped on the bottom of each and every pottery piece we make in our Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio. Each piece is a product of the confluence of Susannah's fine arts training- her interest in painting, printmaking and sculpture, and the ceramic and pottery mastery she developed in her years as faculty and resident artist at Manhattan's historic Greenwich House Pottery. It was there that Susannah first discovered porcelain- which provides a perfect backdrop for her finely illustrated drawings framed in a landscape of luminous glaze. In fall of 2013, we are purchasing an industrial RAM press, which will increase production of our fine porcelain wares, shorten lead times, allow us to expand our line of illustrations and insure web availability while maintaining the high quality wares that SKT Ceramics is known for.

What makes your business stand out?

We design, craft and fire each piece in our Williamsburg studio. Each piece is screen printed with one of 30 original illustrations, glazed in multiple layers, and high fired in a gas kiln for ultimate durability. Our house mixed high fire glazes are fired in a reduction kiln, resulting in luminous, rich color. Pieces are available for purchase on our website or every weekend at the Brooklyn Flea and in collaboration with major retailers and stockists worldwide. Our retail business began at the flea, and the weekly interactions with customers in our neighborhood and flea visitors from across the globe helps keep our designs new and inspired.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Collaborate! Working with other artists, retailers and customers is a wonderful way to develop new ideas and stay excited about the process. Collaborations among artisans are especially fruitful. This lesson is immediately clear in the world of ceramics- with all the recipes, techniques, firing and processes involved in the making of pottery pieces, information is freely shared between ceramicists. I've found this translates well into every interaction between makers, as all of us have built our business on a structure of trail and error- sharing information encourages growth across the community.

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