American Made Since 2012

Rindert Schutten

Portland, Oregon
Our innovative designs use beautiful wood, exhibit great craftsmanship and in all respects perfectly complement your iPhone or iPad.

Tell us about your business.

After I took an early retirement from my high tech job I founded SchuttenWorks in 2012. At SchuttenWorks we made it our mission to design and manufacture new, elegant, innovative products that complement beautiful high tech products and bring them to market. Our current focus is on a line of unique wooden acoustic docking stations for iPhone and iPad. We intend to grow our business into a wider array of supported devices and design styles. All work required to create and market our products is done locally in Portland, Oregon.

What makes your business stand out?

The combination of precision machining to achieve a perfect fit for the devices we support with the extensive hand finishing of the docks, yields very high quality, beautiful products that last a lifetime.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Stop talking, just make it and put it in the hands of customers! They will tell you!

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