American Made Since 2006

Michael Haun

Charlotte , North Carolina
My name Haun means rooster or fowl. Some say, proud rooster. I paint whimsical, witty Roosters. Every home needs a piece of original art.

Tell us about your business.

Roosters brighten this life. They remind us: wake up, stand up, speak up. There is someone one in every group that loves them, collects them, has a story about them. Someone's mother loves them or raises them. I doodle them on everything. The grand kids call me Roo. I doodle on napkins, moleskines, great watercolor paper So you see, Roo thats me, doodles- Roodoodles. Everything in nature seems to speak, sometimes there are those who crow the loudest. Roosters appear in every landscape even in and out of Biblical history. They grace storytelling and folklore, they wake the farm, become icons and logos. They are the characters and caricatures. Most of my Roos have something, somewhat clever, wise, witty, whimsical, thoughtful, sage like, quote worthy or just plain ole silly to say. I sometimes paint them early in the morning and let them lay... till I hear them speak. Humor me, artist are strange birds. I doodle roosters. When the Roo connects, your kitchen has a story.

What makes your business stand out?

It's art that people get, art that creates stories, or recalls stories. It's home made. Some where with in us all there is this dream... I want to be on or near or know about the farm. My art connects that wish. I use my background skills, as a storyteller, singer songwriter, craftsman, blacksmith, builder, dreamer,clown to connect real life and humor to these bright paintings. Most everyone can afford to have an original in their home. My art is not about having to sit down and explain it. It connects and collects people. It speaks for the realness of life. OK its unique because I am unique. I do not do prints. If you own one of my paintings it is an original. I connect to rooster lovers all over the world. They send me photos and notes and ask me to paint their roosters. You want a likeness I say take a photograph, if you want it Roodoodlefied and some witty caption; then depending on the size, style, detail, and how much black tea I've had, let's have a go.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Always be a student. Deliver more than you promised. Work out of passion and love for the people the craft, the idea or dream. When blacksmithing, don't work cold iron. When I am writing a song, don't get cheesy and force it. When I am whittling a rooster, keep you thumb down. When I am cooking use cast iron. When I am telling a story, make sure it has a point. When I paint- I paint for myself. If I am please with it and think about keeping it, it usually sells well. Offer grace to people. They are the most important thing on the planet. If you are hopeful and helpful, notify your face, people need to see that in your smile and eyes.

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