Cooper's Forge, Inc.

American Made Since 2009

Charles Cooper

San Antonio, Texas
Charles Cooper is a traditionally trained blacksmith, which is a rare art today. Blacksmith made. Texas made. American made.
Texas Design
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Charles Cooper was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has a long family history of blacksmithing. It all began when he took a blacksmithing class at 17 at Dallas Heritage Village and quickly developed a passion for this lost art. Charles continued training and did the traditional 7 year apprenticeship and afterward continued taking specialty courses. Today, he still loves to do work utilizing traditional blacksmith techniques, such as hand-forge work on historically accurate reproductions and Damascus knives. He has the skilled knowledge to do more than mere metal fabrication and welding and loves that his clients appreciate handmade and uniquely crafted pieces. Cooper's Forge, Inc. has grown greatly in the last few years in San Antonio and hopefully will continue on that path. The ultimate goal is to have a Dallas location as well to creatively serve more of Texas. Charles is dedicated to preserving this historically important skilled trade.

What makes your business unique?

Charles works with iron, Damascus steel, Wootz steel, and sometimes copper. He makes knives, chandeliers, fireplace screens and tools, traditional cooking utensils, pot and wine racks, reproductions for reenactment, gates and fences, staircase railing, and other custom items. The beauty of working with raw steel, and other materials, is that one can create just about anything. He also makes a point to use reclaimed materials as often as possible. For tabletops and shelves, Longleaf Pine salvaged from condemned structures is a favorite. When he can get ahold of less widely used types of wood, he makes an extra effort to maintain its special character. Further in that vein, Charles supports other local businesses for his supplies. The beeswax he uses to preserve the natural look of steel, while creating a rust-resistant finish, is from a beekeeper at the farmer’s market. Likewise, an increasing number of Charles’s clients are also fellow business owners around San Antonio.

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