Uva Spa Inc.

American Made Since 2012

Denisse Lorkowski

White Salmon, Washington
Uva Spa specializes in handcrafted products made with wine for thirsty skin: Body Lotions, Bubble Baths, Massage Oils, Scrubs, Bath Gels & Soaps.

Tell us about your business.

Uva Spa Inc. story started in Wishram, WA (USA) while having wine and enjoying a scenic view from the vineyards on the family estate. This lovely location in the Columbia Gorge where the vineyard, mountains, and the Columbia River all come together aroused our interest on extending the benefits from drinking wine to using it on our skin. The process of making these wonderful products is the combination of Wine with natural oils: Grape Seed Oil and Almond Oil, Raw Honey, Shea Butter, Creamy Soaps, Vitamins C and E plus other emollients and ingredients. The combination has been remarkable not only in the fragrances but also in the response and feeling of the skin after applying the lotions, oils, scrubs and soaps. This business that started as a "curiosity" has been very well received among friends, community, clients, and customers who bought it and continue doing so. This business is ready to evolve to the next level where more people would enjoy using Uva Spa products.

What makes your business stand out?

Uva Spa is made with wines grown from our own vineyards. Those wines have been awarded as the best in Washington State. Our Vineyard's philosophy is simple: “A profound respect and honor for our natural surroundings will produce equally profound wines. Minimal “sculpting” of our fruit after harvest is our preference, as this is a more honest expression of our vineyard’s terroir.” Saying this, the wines that comes from our Vineyard is well respected among colleagues, wine connoisseurs and customers. The same philosophy continues with Uva Spa products. The use of high standards wines in combination with high quality ingredients carefully selected to guarantee deep moisture after use. Therefore, the final products are rich in emollients, nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins so needed to our skin on daily basis. The fragrances come from the aromas of each individual wine, making every product unique and different from any other body care product of any other retail store.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I got is from my husband: "Look at the big picture and don't stop because of details that can be managed and fixed. Remember what is important for you and your family, and enjoy the ride of highs and lows" That was good for me to hear, because I am very passionate about everything I do and sometimes I struggle with small details that keeps me awake at night. I learned to get up and write my idea so I could think better the next day. Also, my priorities continue being my family as part of enjoying the ride I’m on. The feeling of satisfaction of having the help of my daughter and her smile when we work together, getting my first sale, my first big order, and my first customer satisfied are all totally worth it.

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