Mod Mom Furniture

American Made Since 2007

Kiersten Hathcock

Flagstaff, Arizona
Ex-marketing exec & mom turned self-taught furniture designer/carpenter builds internationally known furniture company out of her garage.

Tell us about your business.

I started Mod Mom Furniture in 2007 out of my garage with zero carpentry/design skills. I built (by hand) and sold 300+ heirloom quality, modern toy boxes to families, celebs, and interior designers in order to help pay household bills. In 2011, I partnered with an Amish manufacturer in Ohio to help meet the demand and get Mod Mom out of my garage. Recently, we partnered with Columbia Forest Products (American wood producer) and are using their formaldehyde-free PureBond plywood for our modern furniture. We are growing organically with a continued focus on keeping manufacturing in the US as well as sourcing American materials. Currently, we are expanding our line to also include ready-to-assemble, lower priced options that will still be very well made right here in the US using eco-friendly wood. Mod Mom Furniture has been featured on TV shows, in magazines, and design books around the world. Turns out that $400 table saw I bought 6 years ago was worth every penny!

What makes your business stand out?

Aside from the obvious "mom with no design skills builds furniture company," I believe our business is unique in that we are doing what most furniture companies don't do. We are insistent that even though we can produce overseas for a quarter of the cost of producing here in the US, we will always keep production stateside. I grew up in a factory town in Ohio and have seen the affects of what dying industry does to a town and its people. We want to be part of the solution helping to build back up the furniture manufacturing industry. Its more than just furniture. It's people. Having been no stranger to layoffs and financial hardship, we believe in banding together and helping one another. Mom and pop shops are the heart of our country and we are proud to not only be one but to seek out vendors who are family-owned as well.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice I've ever received was to listen to my intuition. Even if logic and naysayers said otherwise. When I first started out teaching myself to build furniture, I was laughed at and snubbed. "No design degree? No carpentry skills? Oh, well that's a nice little hobby you have there, little lady." That's the gist of what I heard for about the first two years...until celebrities started buying and designs were being published in design books in Europe. Starting a business with no money and no clout was a necessity because I didn't have either but continuing to press on was a choice. A choice I made because I listened to my gut feeling that I was onto something. Blood (a few minor carpentry mishaps), sweat (100 degree 1940s LA garage), tears (shear exhaustion) , and intuition all played huge roles in shaping this business of mine. Trusting that voice inside when others doubted was the best thing I ever did...and continue to do.

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