Nye's Cream Sandwiches

American Made Since 2010

Christian Nye & Kelly Nye

Wilmington, North Carolina
Updated American treat! Small batch ice cream sandwiches pairing classic cookie & ice cream flavors. Made-built-wrapped-packaged by hand daily!

Tell us about your business.

Our dream began on the brightly colored A-B-C carpet in our son, Charlie’s, kindergarten classroom. The class had just finished the ice cream sandwiches my husband, Christian, made for Charlie’s 6th birthday. Back then, we were busy taste-testing menu items for a restaurant we were determined to open. When Charlie’s teacher suggested we sell Christian’s ice cream sandwich creations, our restaurant dreams were replaced by visions of ice cream sandwiches. Not the mass-produced sandwiches found at every corner store, but truly hand-crafted sandwiches. Our family spent the summer dreaming up unique cookie and ice cream combinations reminiscent of classic American desserts like Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie and Chocolate Pecan. Three years later, we still hand-scoop every cookie, hand-mold each batch of ice cream & hand-assemble, wrap and label every sandwich. We strive to capture the essence of classic American treats in sandwiches that are hand-made with love by people, not machines.

What makes your business stand out?

Nye’s Cream Sandwiches are unique for several reasons. First, they are truly hand-crafted and made by people, not machines. We shun trendy flavors and embrace classic American combinations such as Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Peppermint Chocolate, Chocolate Pecan, Key Lime Pie and Coconut Chocolate. Our sandwiches are portable and neat to eat. Each sandwich is wrapped in parchment paper, which catches melting ice cream and keeps your fingers clean! The wrapping and consistent size/shape of our sandwiches means we can ship sandwiches where others are stuck serving messy sandwiches in paper boats with a spoon. Our sandwiches are also customizable-we can monogram or print logos on the label of each sandwich for weddings and events. Finally, we offer a unique point of view. Our sandwiches are intended to evoke memories of simpler days gone by when a trip to the ice cream parlor or a warm plate of cookies made everything better. In short, we just want people to “Have a Nye’s Day!”

What's the best business advice you've received?

Pick one thing and do that one thing better than anyone else. Three years ago, we wanted to open a restaurant to fulfill the life-long dream of my husband, a CIA grad and former executive chef. Hoping to avoid the pitfalls that plague many new restaurant owners, we consulted with a friend who was also a successful restaurant owner. Though his comments were not what we expected, I am forever grateful for his advice. He openly shared the challenges of restaurant ownership and recommended that we focus our efforts on finding the one thing we could do better than anyone else. Convinced we had what it takes to open a successful restaurant, we initially ignored this advice and forged ahead with taste-testing our menu. But as fate would have it, there was a hand-made ice cream sandwich on the menu. The overwhelming reaction to the ice cream sandwiches Christian created convinced us that we had discovered our "one thing" and put an end to our restaurant aspirations. We are forever grateful.

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