Maui Preserved

American Made Since 2010

Anthony LaBua & Maleta LaBua

Haiku, Hawaii
Maui Preserved revives the traditional flavors of the Aloha state with a modern twist. Our pantry goods are packed with grown on Maui produce.

Tell us about your business.

Maui Preserved takes strides to make Hawaii more sustainable by supporting local farmers while making pono pantry goods for your home. Incredible ingredients and a rich multicultural and Polynesian food history inspire us in the kitchen and in our practices. We think of Hawaii as the "American Spice Islands" with a plethora of micro climates and soil compositions to grow richly flavored fruits, spices and vegetables. We are the only American pineapple packers. Vanilla from USA?! Beets grown in rich volcanic soil?! Pickled Pohole Ferns from the jungle?! YES! Maui Preserved bottles the dynamic and cutting edge food life in the islands. After a honeymoon to Maui, Anthony and Maleta LaBua took a leap of faith and moved from Manhattan to the island to start Maui Preserved. The future holds a larger packing facility, food security, job creation and reintroducing Hawaii's food culture to the world. Today, we are operating in a 100-year old remodeled pineapple cannery in Haiku, Maui

What makes your business stand out?

The abundant micro-climates and terrior are the greatest allies to our supply chain. We have found an amazing diversity here in Hawaii's produce and are constantly discovering new fruits and vegetables to show and tell from our kitchen. We are always finding new ways to promote demand-based sustainable agriculture for our local community. As a small and adaptable producer we are able to constantly hone our line to the supply of our farmers and demand of our customers. It is in this process that we stumble upon our greatest recipes. It is our pursuit to figure out how we will share them with the world. Our packaging reflects an old-world focus on what is in the jar. We want our recipes and most importantly our ingredients to shine while our packaging remains simple with a refinery reminiscent of the the American craft movement. Maui Preserved shares the true flavors of Aloha from the original source in the new century.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Lead with aloha and never give up!

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