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American Made Since 1998

Hall Newbegin

Oakland, California
We are the world's only wild fragrance company - we make perfume for folks who would never wear department store fragrance but love the outdoors

Tell us about your business.

From our founder, Hall - "I’m a hiker and an accidental perfumer. I swear, I never meant to become a perfumer! But I’ve always seen the world through my nose so when I started selling my natural fragrances at the San Francisco farmers market, I was just trying to give people a hit of the beauty I knew from being in the mountains. I can’t stand what passes for fragrance in department stores. All those fancy, tiny bottles filled with cheap petrochemicals and over-the-top synthetic fragrance—yuck! We make real fragrance from the places we know and love. Nothing smells better than the sage-covered mountains of Big Sur, or wildflower meadows along Mt. Hood's Timberline Trail at the height of alpine summer—that’s real fragrance and it’s perfume for the 90%+ of us, both men and women, who never wear synthetic department store fragrances”

What makes your business stand out?

To keep it simple: we’re the world’s only wild fragrance company. You can’t buy our materials or fragrance ingredients anywhere because nobody does what we do and no one works with the plants we work with. The only way to get the plants we work with is to hop in the van, throw the fragrance still in back and head up into the mountains. We make our own stuff and have never gone outside our company for fragrance ingredients. Never. I’d never substitute European sage oil—which I could buy for cheap cheap cheap since it comes from huge farms in Mexico—for our local wild sages because they smell completely different. The only way to capture Big Sur in a bottle is to go there, put your hiking boots on, harvest plants, and make it yourself.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there." - Gary Snyder

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