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Stephanie DeJoseph

Gabriels, New York
Everyone has some creativity somewhere in their soul. I was lucky enough to inherit talent and a passion to do what I love.

Tell us about your business.

Growing up without a t.v. caused my sisters and I to become extremely creative. We would always participate in small projects, sew gifts and take time to create. It was not until I was posed with the decision in college, what do I want to do? I knew for sure it had to be creative and I enrolled in the Interior Design program at Appalachian State. It was while I was immersed in drawing and textile classes that I found my true passion and every bit of that program brought the creative person I am out and caused it to flourish. I thrived on design, textiles and the possibilities of ideas that could be made into a final product, whether it be an interior space or product line. While in college I was encouraged to begin building a brand under the label, La Mia. I made handbags from my dorm room and within two years began selling and showing them in galleries and stores.My process always starts with a vision- inspired by farms,environment and other creative mediums and experiences.

What makes your business stand out?

continued from above. My business is constantly evolving and I hope to build a brand encompassing, interiors, accessories and home accents. La Mia means " Mine" in italian, I changed it a bit to mean" All yours". Every item created exhibits that person's personality and desire to have something that expresses their individualism. I strive to bring creative expression into the products I develop and interiors I design. Each situation has an eco-friendly aspect utilizing old reclaimed materials in one way, shape or form.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Follow your heart, your passion and you will make a dream come to life. If you have a vision, you are passionate about it and can see it - it will develop. Do for others and it will be returned to you in one way or another.

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