Mad Man Knitting

American Made Since 2011

Gregory Patrick

Orlando, Florida
In 2011 after losing my job, I became homeless. To feed myself and find shelter, I started knitting teddy bears by hand.

Tell us about your business.

Two years ago, I lost everything. I ended up in a small trailer in the woods of South Georgia 20 miles from the nearest town. I ended up knitting teddy bears to get myself out of there. It took six months, it took walking 7 miles a day to the nearest post office, and took a lot hope, prayer, and resilience. My teddy bears became admired, adored, and longed for. I managed to take a simple hobby and make it my income. I thankfully, gratefully, now have a place to live, a home, finally...and all because of one little hand knit teddy bear. I'm hoping to move this business in a new place where it can grow and thrive, a new moment where it has the nurturing to flourish. I've knit nearly 1,000 teddy bears in these last two years, and though people love them, I've only just begun what I think could be an amazing moment in entrepreneurial history, where a man, homeless and with nothing, managed to build an empire by knitting. KNITTING.

What makes your business stand out?

Its more than a teddy bear. Its a clutchable reminder of hope, of persistence, of faith during troubled times. Its a huggable reminder of comfort hand crafted by a man who turned his hardship into a moment of personal salvation.

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