Etta + Billie

American Made Since 2009

Alana Rivera

San Francisco, California
Etta + Billie handcrafts locally inspired sustainable bath and body products using organic and natural ingredients.

Tell us about your business.

Etta + Billie was born from a desire to flee a monotonous office job and reconnect with my creative side. My goal was to make a quality product while feeding my passion for living a natural, healthy lifestyle. Fueled by my desire for creative freedom, control over the health of my routine, and love for food and nature, I began researching obsessively and trying to master the science of soap making, starting with a book my mom had given me six years earlier. The result has been a line of products that often look edible and embody culinary scents like Horchata, Peppermint Lime, and Earl Grey Tea. My business has grown immensely since the early days, and my goal is to expand it further so that I can touch more lives through employment and education while strengthening partnerships with local farms and artisan food producers. For now, though, I’m just happy to be creating again.

What makes your business stand out?

Etta + Billie is a sustainably-minded business that focuses on high-quality organic ingredients, natural scents, and products that foodies adore. Our products aren’t overly processed, so they contain more of the natural vitamins and antioxidants that our skin needs to stay healthy and beautiful. In recognition of our commitment to sustainability, and after piles of paperwork and two on-site inspections, the City of San Francisco awarded us a Green Business Certification, making Etta + Billie the first personal care manufacturer certified by the City. In addition to providing high quality natural products, we are extremely proud of our commitment to partnering with other small businesses to source our raw materials and create fun new products. Most recently, we partnered with T-We Tea, based in San Francisco, and produced our popular Earl Grey Tea Soap. We believe that these partnerships will positively impact communities, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Utilize this information to reach out to people who have a talent in an area that isn't your strength. In the beginning of my business, I thought I could and had to do everything myself. After some particularly stressful growth periods, I realized that was ok to ask for help and find people to handle the tasks that I just wasn't getting done particularly things that I disliked doing (ie data entry and bookkeeping).

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