Harper & Hazel

American Made Since 2012

Jamie Wiener

Hendersonville, North Carolina
Handmade with GOTS organic fabric, natural corn stuffing, organic thread, and organic hand-batiked ribbon, its a product you can feel good about.

Tell us about your business.

Watching Harper devour every store bought toy I put in front of her, I was left wondering what they were really made of and where they were being manufactured. After playing around with some fabric and patterns, I decided to try making my own toys. Harper was drawn to a particular giraffe I made, who we named Hazel, and the rest is history. Now back to work after taking some time with my little one, Harper is still my number one product tester and even has her own “work space” and scissors now. She has put each toy through a rigorous test involving dirt, food, even the occasional dog. After a hard days work, we just throw the toys in the washing machine and start again the next day.

What makes your business stand out?

After getting laid off, I was scared about what my family's next steps were going to be so I found solace in crafting. As a Pinterest lover, I was always looking at things to make myself but after trying to sew a pair of maternity pants that left me in tears with the ugliest pair of pants you've ever seen, I buried the machine in the back of my closet. A few months later, after some encouragement from family, I pulled it out and tried again and rekindled my relationship with my sewing machine. After a few failed attempts and some experimenting with designs, I found some shapes that Harper liked and some fabrics that I loved! The rattles are designed to be easy to grab by little fingers and machine washable so they can handle the day to day activities of little ones.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Its all about the energy. This is true not only in business but in life. My dad has always told me, "If you are bringing positive energy to a project than you will be successful."

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