Flint and Tinder

American Made Since 2012

Jake Bronstein

New York, New York
Did you know that 99% of the men's underwear sold in America comes from, well, places like China, Indonesia and Thailand? F+T is different. Much.

Tell us about your business.

It all started with a video posted to Kickstarter. 30 days later, Flint and Tinder was the best funded fashion Kickstarter of all time. 5,578 people supported us in attempting to bring back high-quality garment manufacturing by pre-purchasing $291,493 worth of underwear and we could not be more appreciative. ULTIMATELY, THE GOAL IS NOTHING SHORT OF REDEFINING WHAT IT MEANS TO BE MADE IN AMERICA. And this is just the start. Step #1 though is getting the product on shelves right next to the big guys (Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein) so consumers can choose domestic without paying more or sacrificing anything.

What makes your business stand out?

In 2012 the US men's apparel market grew to $57B. One of the biggest areas of growth, men's underwear, grew 13% from the previous year. And yet, while the US cut and sew industry has been contracting for decades, no one was producing producing products in this space (men's underwear) in high volumes domestically. Flint and Tinder is literally re-tooling the American cut and sew industry; including the workers in the story and adding value for the consumer all at once. It's what we mean when we say the goal is nothing short of "Reigniting American Manufacturing through better products and services" and we think it shines through in everything we do. Why sell a sweatshirt when you could sell a super-comfy hoodie that's built to last a lifetime, guaranteed for a decade, and backed with a free mending service. It's something we can do because our factories are within shouting distance. Lets see fast fashion do that.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Easy: JUST KEEP FIGHTING. No matter what you’re up against, just keep fighting. Even when the odds are against you, or the task too big, just keep fighting. Even as the earth shifts beneath your feet, the playing field changes, and you worry you’ve lost your way, just keep fighting. Mountains can be moved one shovel at a time, but only if you fight for it. The outcome might not always be what you’d hoped at the start, but fighting is a muscle just like anything else, and the more you fight the better a fighter you’ll be. The more you fight, the more the battles you fight will look less like a wars than problems you can fight your way through. Ultimately, you’ll be better for it. We all will. PS: If you fought your way to the end of this application, I thank you. I’ll never write this many words in a row again. I promise.

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