Pony and Poppy

American Made Since 2009

Amy Stone

Winter Park, Florida
Pony & Poppy offers screen printed textiles for you and your nest--original designs and illustrations hand-printed with care in small batches.

Tell us about your business.

Pony and Poppy was born of the idea that little details can have a big impact. Simple things add beauty and elevate a space or a mood. My biggest sources of inspiration are nature and nostalgia. From thunderstorms to growing things, the natural world is astounding and provides limitless inspiration. I also love things that have a story to tell or that keep a memory or evoke a simpler time and place. These concepts form the crux of my designs. Once I finalize my illustrations I transfer the design to a silk screen. I have a small home studio where I print my fabrics and cure them. Then I stitch my table runners, napkins, aprons, bags, and pillows. I create everything in small batches with care and exceptional attention to detail. For as long as I can remember I'd dreamed of opening my own creative business. I am grateful to the unyielding support of my little family because that support of theirs keeps me moving forward. I'm excited about the future and growing my product line.

What makes your business stand out?

In a world of mass-produced goods, it's refreshing when a product is considered, germinated, sketched, and then crafted with care--little details labored over. My feet are planted on the floor with joy in the morning because I get to wake up and coax beautiful things into being. I make things that I would like around me in hopes that others feel the same way. Being the sole proprietor means I wear many hats. I am lead designer, head squeegee wrangler, tailor, linen presser, photographer, marketer, wrapping & shipping specialist, and social media liaison. When you reach out to Pony & Poppy, you reach out to me. The beauty of running my business is the intimacy it affords. I don't take it for granted, and I pride myself on excellent customer care. I am proud of each piece I make. And I am also grateful to those who value my work enough to purchase it. When filling orders, I devote extra time to ensure each item is wrapped as if it was a gift to a dear friend.

What's the best business advice you've received?

When faced with a creative block, my sage husband once said, "Stay true to yourself. Create what's inside of you and don't be thrown off by trends...if you're too influenced by others, your work will become derivative. Your passion is what it's all about...that is what others will notice and be drawn to." I consider his advice often because it is applicable to so many aspects of my small business--from the initial design, to the product photography, to the branding and the packaging. I strive to be just be

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