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Adria Bernstein

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
Embracing the love of ROCKS, Creativity, Imagination and Paint, is my World of WITTY WOCKS! I yearn for Endless Smiles and Laughter!

Tell us about your business.

WITTY WOCKS started out of my backyard after a good "day-dream" within a pile of rocks. I have always loved the natural beauty of rocks and I wanted to express them in so many other ways to resemble pets, people and anything I could possibly imagine! Once I started building my creations, I saw the reaction of so many that made me realize I needed to take this to the next level. They encounter such laughter, giddiness, tears of memories and meaningful bonds. My process starts out once I receive the photo from my customer. The first step, as I like to call it is, "rock-hunting" for the perfect fit to resemble the features of my subject. I then build my piece of art and let my creative juices flow as to how I can add character, love and charm to each unique and personalized piece of a hand made WOCK! In my future, I see my WOCKS and I evolving in a studio in a major city, producing SMILES nationwide!

What makes your business stand out?

WITTY WOCKS are extremely unique and personalized to each individual and/or business. They send a message of non-verbal communication through the eyes of the beholder. I enjoy and cherish each piece that walks out of my door, with pride! Why not give a meaningful and heartfelt gift to a wonderful person in your life? SMILES are my life! Make it yours!

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice I was given, was from several strangers that really saw the potential of my art creations. They recognized my passion and dream. The first step, get a website and logo. The second step, social media and go with your gut! I am personally driven and full of life, so I truly live every day to the fullest. These strangers, now friends of mine, are living their dreams; I am so blessed to have met such kind and loving souls!

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