Jason STraw Woodworker

American Made Since 2009

jason straw

Gainesville, Florida
I make contemporary furniture using traditional joinery. I've had formal training through school and apprenticeship.

Tell us about your business.

I began working on historic houses, learning by doing I bought run down houses in my post crack cocaine ridded neighborhood completely gutting them and restoring them. Eventually I found myself in the pursuit of finer and more detailed work. The path led me to an apprenticeship with an art deco maker/designer in Denver and then two years at a world famous crafts school, College of the Redwoods fine furniture program. Then finally a apprenticeship with my mentor The apprenticeship with Brian has influenced my custom furniture aesthetic dramatically. I try design pieces to mimic life under a microscope, the legs of a mite or the cells of the brain. Anthropomorphic and I hope a little dark. My production work is influenced mainly by the Danish Modern movement, clean lines, dark wood but much better built. I see us making more custom kitchens and possibly more exterior doors and home furniture

What makes your business stand out?

First of all I am a made in the USA freak. I use USA substrates, finishes, hardware and woods almost exclusively. I think it is completely hypocritical to complain about jobs, the economy or the lack of quality in products and not do what it takes to purchase made in the USA goods. My clients know how I feel about this and they are attracted to it. The shop gets a portion of it's electricity from solar and is lit mainly by sky lights. The work van runs on natural gas, the only one in the county I am told. My schooling, background, design aesthetic and attention to detail are all unique qualities I bring.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Keep reinvesting in your business. Know your products.

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