The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co.

American Made Since 2011

Sophie Parrott

Austin, Texas
The reinvention of vintage tea parties! Incorporating Tea, Cake, Vintage décor , Champagne, Flowers, Hostesses and Music. Set in the 1920s-50s

Tell us about your business.

This is an experience, of joy, celebration, friendship, beauty, delight, and American invention. As an English-born woman, I knew “tea time” to be a ritual enjoyed amongst friends & family. I have sought to marry the two cultures through a spirit of creativity with a foundation in tradition. To me, Martha's American Made is something unusual, yet necessary, and inspirational to others. We all have a various heritage that of course continue shaping America into what it is today. My hand-crafted treats are all served on fine, carefully-selected vintage service pieces. Each treat is displayed gorgeously, and my glorious vintage hostesses serve tea & treats, to squealing guests (male & female) all dressed in their favorite 1920s-50s attire.

What makes your business stand out?

My concept is daring, different and American Made. This is my purpose: to show others how to bring joy, & values back into their lives. Authenticity & nourishment, together, are the key ingredients upon which I operate. I am currently writing a book: complete with my delectable recipes, style, and design ideas, which will be a perfect way to help inspire others. It's about having all five of your senses tingling – at once!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Follow your bliss, but grow your business through profit, not from expectations. If you can have fun, while inspiring others, then everyone wins and you are on the right path. Spread your knowledge and love, and support your family by doing so.

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