Cheryl Korb Homemade Rugs and Placemats, Artwork, Original Oil Paintings, Craftsperson

American Made Since 2000

Cheryl Korb

Dalton, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania native, living where I grew up. I make my own rugs and placemats from scratch.

Tell us about your business.

About Cheryl Korb Background: Polish/American, Raised in countryside of Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains: Pennsylvania native, living where I grew up. After raising three children and stealing some time for painting when I could , I now paint full time. I enjoy painting country scenes, using the countryside around where I live as natural inspiration. I like to find old picture frames and then stretch a canvas to fit. Then I choose a season in my head and go from there. I use a limited palette and the painting just grows with a life of its own. I use lots of mountains and fields and barns and pastures and animals. I love to do mountains in the background, then many distant fields and woods and farms tucked into hills and valleys, then as the painting progresses and the objects get closer, I go into more detail. Milk cows and horses and pigs and chickens and sheep, they are my favorites. Sizes vary from miniature to panoramic. Female Born on October 12

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