Bloodroot Blades

American Made Since 2012

Luke Snyder & David Van Wyk

Athens, Georgia
We forge high-performance, bespoke knives from recycled materials. Our knives come with an unconditional lifetime warranty and free service.

Tell us about your business.

We started Bloodroot Blades out of a friendship and in a community of talented and generous people. We began to build knives by hand for our family and friends out of the materials that we found locally. But our desire to improve in our craft and satisfy needs we saw in our community took us down an unexpected road, one of vocation. Our friends thought that we had something special and encouraged our work in ways that could help sustain it. They built our website, shot video for us and tested our knives at their restaurants and in their homes. They provided feedback and creativity. And they talked to their friends who did the same. This cross-pollination of community, art, use and creativity has changed the way that we live our lives. We are grateful to find ourselves storytellers with hammers. We give voice to rusting metal, scrap wood and old fabric, shaping endings into new beginnings.

What makes your business stand out?

Our customers care about the sources and quality of their food. We offer the opportunity to extend that care to the provenance of their tools. Our pieces continue the story of their origins. Sawblades from mills long gone become knives in the hands of a different generation. This generation, through its use of the knives, tells a story of its own. A knife in a Chicago kitchen which now sees 6-8 hours of service each day is made from the steel of a blade that saw the same amount of service 100 years ago in a mill in Northwest Georgia. Our customers may also supply their own materials to create new objects of memory. One of our customers commissioned a filet knife whose handle came from a ruined quilt of his grandmother's Sunday dresses and a dry-rotted canteen cover of his grandfather's that had seen the Normandy invasion. In a small way, our pieces embody the human idyll: silent mills, food-making, war and worship.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Take good pictures.

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