Cheeky Monkey Home

American Made Since 2012

Holly Johnson

Belmont, Massachusetts
Cheeky Monkey Home creates keepsake handcrafted pillows and floor cushions that capture the joy and imagination of children and adults alike.

Tell us about your business.

I started Cheeky Monkey Home in 2012 after painting murals for children for ten years. Inspired by the Japanese zabuton cushions I inherited from my grandparent’s travels, I designed a modern version of stacking floor cushions for my boys using wool felt from Germany. I fell in love with the vivid colors and durability of the felt, and officially began to design the perfect floor cushions for kids---unique, beautiful and durable products that enhance playtime for kids and families, and fit wonderfully into any room in the home. Since then, I have been endlessly inspired by the qualities and colors of wool felt, and I have created a multitude of applique pillow designs that are both sophisticated and playful. I use a variety of fun trims, unexpected details and personal touches that make my products truly unique family keepsakes.

What makes your business stand out?

Everything we create at Cheeky Monkey Home is designed, hand cut and assembled in my studio in Belmont, MA. I have just started to have help with stitching from women in neighboring towns, but I am committed to designing and producing my products 100% locally in Massachusetts. Every piece is a labor of love and a unique work of art. I do not mass-produce and am committed to holding artistic integrity and quality above all other factors in my business. My value proposition is centered on a flexible and creative process that ensures I can make individual design decisions with every pillow I produce to allow for constant improvement and personalization. I am passionate about keeping the artist’s hand and heart in every piece that is created at Cheeky Monkey Home.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The ability to remain relentlessly focused on what you want and how to achieve it is what sets those who reach their goals apart from the rest. Along those lines, if you do what you truly love in life, you will be successful. I have found both of these kernels of wisdom to be invaluable in my business life as well as the rest of my life!

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