American Made Since 2005

Hilary Chandler

Boulder, Colorado
Our goal is to make your hectic life easier while bringing beauty to everyday objects. Versatility, durability, & great design are paramount.

Tell us about your business.

I started as an artist wanting to decorate my new baby's room with a beautiful mural but didn't know what to paint. One morning I had a dream about peeling and applying a hand painted mural to my baby's room. Not long after my first son was born, kidecals was born as well with our first line of removable and repositionable wall decals. That was well before the wall decal boom. I had another baby and the wall decal market got away from me, but as my kids started school I saw another hole in the market. A beautiful and easy way to label their stuff to keep our lives organized and manageable. We created our waterproof name labels that stand up to dish washers and washing machines and people love them! Our process has been part luck, part determination, and a lot of mistakes. But we learn as we grow, and we have finally found the right balance of people to help us along our way. I would like to evolve into a long lasting & successful family business that can also give back to the community

What makes your business stand out?

From our garage we have sold our decals to every state in the US (including Hawaii and Alaska) and now internationally as well (Singapore, Japan, Australia, UK, Canada to name a few). Because we are able to do this (my husband does all the production), we can spend a lot of time with our kids as well as a lot of time on our business (nothing like printing at 2am!) We have the ability to grow 10 times and keep our production literally in house! With such a small footprint, (no driving to work and we bike the kids to school a lot!) we are able to really save our time and resources. Our goal is to provide a secure life for our children and to give back to our community. We are involved in a local arts education non profit and we would like for kidecals to one day be able to fund an arts program for the underserved youth in Boulder County and beyond. We strongly believe that supporting the creative minds of our youth today will lead to the great thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow.

What's the best business advice you've received?

For ten years I went to an all girls school. Our motto was "Inveniam viam aut faciam" which translates to "I will find a way or make one". Unbeknownst to me then, this would become the motto of my life. If someone told me no, I always found a way to yes. In life that translates to determination, in business that translates to survival. When I have an idea, I don't stop until I figure out how to manifest it. I started my business with NO experience (hello art major!) and now I feel like life has given me an honorary MBA. There have been many ups and downs. I joke that I have an MBA in what not to do, but that knowledge is now invaluable. I read somewhere, "Don't be afraid of mistakes, they can be your best teachers." and I truly believe that. Another great piece of advice I got from an entrepreneur friend was to not be afraid of competitors. They open the marketplace and educate the public about your product. You just have to simply do it better (with integrity of course!)

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