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Judith Weber Judith Weber

New Rochelle, New York
My love of clay and my relationships with my clients have made my life as a professional ceramic artist a great experience.
New York

Tell us about your business.

Since 1973, I have specialized in custom-designed dinnerware, accessories, and hand-made tile for residential and commercial application. Driven by my constant search to explore new avenues of creativity, and being strongly influenced by Bauhaus and Asian Arts, I evolved from a studio potter to a product designer ultimately developing dinnerware for Dansk. As an artist who thrives on challenge and diversity, my “other self” spends equal time exploring the techniques needed to create unusual and highly personal ceramic installations. I design work which reflects an individual aspect of my client, striving to capture the “essence” of an experience, an environment, a memory, and from that information, create a permanent and intimate work of art. My work is simple, elegant, and meant to be enjoyed. I believe that everyone should be surrounded by original, affordable art and carefully create work that is accessible.

What makes your business stand out?

I began in my basement teaching children how to work with clay as my children grew. Over time, my work began to grow and find a successful market in New York Galleries and over-time, through the gift market, became a viable wholesale art/design studio. I have a philosophy of simplicity, and use the surface of my work for color and texture and to glorify pure form. My business has grown over the years as I have grown to stretch my skills, communicate my love of process and materials and when I found working on a wheel difficult, I directed myself in other ways to stay connected to what I feel is essential....being always creative. My table-top work evolved to Mosaic Tile and Mural installations. I bring the same purity of form to the work for the wall as I do for the work for the table and still am committed to being affordable and accessible.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advise I have ever receive was "to always believe in yourself". I had a teacher in high school who encouraged me to follow my passion, supported my choices and really supported me through tough teens. I always wanted to be an artist...and CLAY made me feel connected to the earth like no other medium. I followed her advice then...and continue everyday.

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