SallyeAnder, Inc.

American Made Since 1982

Gary Austin & Karen Austin & Sallie Austin

There is no comparable soap to SallyeAnder, because no other company uses our recipes or quality ingredients. We are committed to quality.

Tell us about your business.

My parents started making soaps 28 years ago for my older brother. As a baby, he could not tolerate any of the bath products on the market. So my dad went to the library to research how to make pure soap. Many recipes he found were still too harsh, so he developed his own process for a pure, natural and kind soap. The results were amazing! Over time we heard the same story again and again from others. My dads soaps helped to heal their skin. Our selection of products has grown out of a need to help those with specific problems. About the same time, we started selling our soaps at small craft venues and would sell out rapidly. My mom started home parties, where she heard many wonderful personal success stories. A few years later, my parents quit their day jobs and entered the gift market. SallyeAnder solidified its look and created beautiful graphics to match our philosophy. Through all this growth and success - WE HAVE NEVER CUT CORNERS WITH OUR RECIPES. Green since 1982.

What makes your business stand out?

Our soaps and creams are hypo-allergenic and still created with only edible ingredients so they can be safely used on newborns. Our soaps are not created the same as other soaps, therefore their lather is different. We DO NOT add chemical lather enhancers. Instead, we recommend physically creating the lather - use a soft sponge or one of our ayate cloths for wonderful rich lather. Or just enjoy the natural creamy texture instead. Lather is not crucial for cleansing, it only means that the soap is dissolving rapidly. We NEVER use manufactured soap pellets or chips!

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