Mom's Healing Salve

American Made Since 1998

Julie Brannon

Safety Harbor, Florida
Mom's Healing Salve is a handcrafted blend of soothing herbs that heals everything from cuts & scrapes to eczema & athlete's foot... naturally!

Tell us about your business.

Bailey's Naturals came about because I was a single mom who wanted to be with her infant daughter. Bailey turned out to have special needs, so the flexibility it afforded became vital. In my little shop we do big things to make a difference... one person at a time. We Enlighten about the basics of good health, Empower toward better choices, and Educate on the safe use of natural remedies. We Entertain too; I think the quest for good health should be fun! I created Mom's Healing Salve when Bailey -now 16- was just a toddler. It's healing qualities are astounding, and I give full credit to the plants in the formula. I love to hear all the uses people have come up with. One client says it healed her impetigo when expensive creams from the dermatologist failed to do so. Breast cancer patients say nothing is better for healing their burns caused by radiation therapy. And it's a wonder at soothing and healing diaper rash. Cuts, scrapes and boo-boos? Gone. Mom's Salve works wonders!

What makes your business stand out?

Bailey's Naturals is an old-fashioned apothecary, where customers can purchase herbs and supplements by the pill, or bulk healing herbs by the ounce or pound. We are known for our commitment to natural health, excellent quality of product, and personal customer service. We know our clients by name, we know their kids, and we know their pets. Clients become family! Also, where else can someone go and have a healing tea custom blended specifically for their needs by an experienced herbalist? I have formulated literally thousands of theraputic custom tea blends -- and no two are alike.... because no two people are alike!

What's the best business advice you've received?

It actually came from a friend and businessman who I respect greatly. Before I launched my first store he told me that my previous career as a broadcast journalist gave me no credentials or reason to think I could succeed in founding and running a retail natural products business. I guess I had to show him --and myself-- that I could do it despite the odds. I've had my business 15 years --so far. I hope those were tasty words for him to eat. Haha!

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