Candles and Corks LLC

American Made Since 2013

Rod Page

Willows, California
We produce and can personalize the most unique candles today, they are sexy and functional works of art! They dress up any occasion! Cheers!

Tell us about your business.

This quest started around my dinner table with my sons and a "wouldn't it be cool" remark! Sixteen months of chemical and mechanical engineering and countless hours of testing has finally culminated into a dream realized! We use proprietary blends of waxes and our own alchemy of magical scents! Our recipes and processes are closely guarded, even our cat won't tell! We are truly an American family owned business, and we see our evolvement moving towards growing the company. Eventually, adding more product lines and always insisting on quality products priced fairly as we build our candle family.

What makes your business stand out?

Unique is our middle name! We wanted to make the rules so to speak, so we took on complicated problems with innovative and inventive solutions. We produce candles in shapes that no one else does and we offer the consumer the ability to personalize them! How great is that? You can choose from 9 colors and 21 scents or design your own scent for your candles! Whether they are meant for your table or to be gifts, how unique and novel is that? These candles represent, home, hearth, family and tradition hallmarks of this great country. As an American business, we even source our base products from American based manufacturers/businesses.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Persistence! "Keep knocking on the door of opportunity, someday it will crack open and you'll have a foot in the door before they even know you are there!" Given to me by a client of mine while I was his personal trainer years ago. The other advice I try to follow is "your life and dreams are yours, so follow the dreams and live life to the fullest". I truly believe it's not the destination that's as important as the fun we have getting there!

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