J and R Foods

American Made Since 2011

Rachel Moulton & Jonathan Moulton

Orange, California
We make jams, sauces, and other condiments only using local ingredients. Our philosophy is "making your life delicious, one jar at a time".

Tell us about your business.

Jon’s a professional chef who loves making sauces, Rachel loves to eat them. We started by tinkering around in the kitchen and giving them away as gifts to friends who shouted back to us that we were crazy not to sell them. In 2011, as a last minute idea, we jarred our strawberry jam as favors for our own wedding and when people went crazy for it we knew we had something special. We specialize in providing organic, made to order products for weddings and events, where the couple wants something more unique, more personalized. Our long-term goal is to not only be able to tell our customers stories through our products but to tell our own. We want to have a line of everyday products available in specialty food markets, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as well as opening our own restaurant.

What makes your business stand out?

We want our products to tell a couple’s story, to take them right back to that awkward first date over pasta with marinara sauce or to their grandma’s kitchen where they could smell the fresh fruit jam simmering on the stovetop. To us “food is love” is at the core of our philosophy and we pour our hearts into each order we receive. Whether it is for a wedding, event, or the home pantry, each order is made fresh and completely customized, inside the jar and out, making it truly unique for each customer. Our goal is to brighten their day with something delicious, to bring out that smile that comes with eating something they love. And ensuring that it is delicious means only using what is in season, locally grown, and fresh. You won’t find us making strawberry jam in December.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Don’t get frustrated by setbacks you may encounter" and "if you never try you will never know"

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