The Elegant Duck

American Made Since 2010

Kristina Daugherty

Oviedo, Florida
Elegant Duck duct tape wallets and accessories are durable and beautifully embellished with sparkle.
Florida Style
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I pride myself on high quality crafting and acute attention to details. I love making things that are useful. I've combined the durability of duct tape with the sparkling elegance of rhinestones and precision cut design. I would love for my Elegant Duck duct tape wallets and accessories to be the go-to uniquely personalized bridesmaid gift. They are also the perfect leather-alternative wallet. I will continue to promote my products through Etsy, social media, and perhaps be featured on some well-established blogs. I also hope to have my wallets introduced in local boutiques.

What makes your business unique?

I am providing a durable alternative to the leather wallet industry but with cute and practical designs.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The more you share (even with your competitors) the more there is for everyone!

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