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Maria Yvonne Tan

New York, New York
Are you one of 17,000 or is it 85,000 similar professionals? All hunting for the same fish in the same pond? Be creative, resourceful, ASK ME!

Tell us about your business.

My true business is real estate, but the product that is made in NYC are my marketing materials; the coloring, what I put on it in information and style, how I pitch my product to make it stand out, how I generate business for others in alliance or independent from me. I design them myself with Powerpoint. I have not yet marketed it as a product though, for I do not know how to price it yet.Charging by the hour would not justify my creativity. Joining this competition may probably develop that business. Also see my Google+ pages and join my Circles. 1. Maria Yvonne Tan 2. Hotels and Resorts, Development projects or Operational. 3. Investment Opportunities from members of my network. 4. Luxury Residences 5. Penthouses in sky scrapers Or, see my FB page and click "Like": Connect with me on LinkedIn: Or tweet me a message on Twitter: @mrbcomm Thanks so much for voting!

What makes your business stand out?

I do not follow the beaten path or traditional steps. It may be harder, but maybe not. As a severely ethnic challenged minority woman you just have to find the crevices where you can find your food. Do not limit yourself to one city, one state, one region or one country. The whole wide world is your realm of opportunity. Be independent, resourceful, creative. Stamp your own brand style in this world.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up. As many "No"s will only get you closer to that "First Yes". by a Morgan Stanley CFA

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