Fairhope Graphics

American Made Since 2012

The Berlinger Family .

Westtown, Pennsylvania
We research the latest scientific discoveries, and create graphics and products that are both educational AND beautiful!

Tell us about your business.

Our journey started a few years ago when we spent 3 weeks living in a friend's cottage on the English coast of the North Sea. Learning about 600,000 year old mammoth bones found nearby and 100 million year old squid fossils the kids found on the beach had us at a loss to explain or even understand how these fit into a big picture of time and life. Visits to natural history museums provided some answers, but we couldn't find a chart to put this in perspective. Tree of life graphics available were either too simple, too complex, or not set in time. Even finding the information proved to be difficult and inconsistent! Hooked, we couldn't let it go, and spent 2 years researching the science and then creating graphics using watercolors and antique prints to portray it. Now we create posters, wall murals, field guides and other educational products for museums, science teachers and home/garden/children's stores. We have found, at last, a way to combine family, work and our passions.

What makes your business stand out?

Combining serious art and serious science - creating products that communicate the latest scientific discoveries in a manner that can be used by a professor in a biology class - by a middle schooler on a nature hike - or by someone who wants beautiful artwork for the home. There's a world of exciting scientific advances that doesn't seem to make the nightly news, but affects our medicine, agriculture and environment. We want to highlight these and inspire appreciation of this magnificent 3.8 billion year story of life on our planet!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Every November for the last 20 years I get together with college roommates who provide that perfect sounding board - advice that is unfiltered, honest, caring and the encouragement to take a chance.

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