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Maggie Zembruski

New York, New York
Me2Roo is a collection of effortlessly chic and stylish activewear designed to transition and embrace the body through all stages of pregnancy.

Tell us about your business.

Maggie Zembruski, also known as "MeMe" and a mother of two joeys, was born with a passion for fitness and fashion where no stiletto was ever too high, even in her ninth month of pregnancy. After leaving her job in the luxury goods industry, MeMe went on a mission to combine her two passions in life with her newly loved job: motherhood. Thus in October 2010, Me2Roo was born. A collection of effortlessly chic and stylish activewear designed to transition and embrace the body through all stages of pregnancy. MeMe’s belief in a "happy, healthy mommy = happy, healthy baby" was channeled through her clothing line to inspire women to exercise and feel positive about themselves and the changes their bodies experience before, during and after pregnancy. We don't plan on slowing down, and will remain inspired, designing innovative apparel.

What makes your business stand out?

Me2Roo delivers the only activewear designed specifically to support the fit mom and her growing belly. Our wickable four-way fabric is the perfect blend that molds to your evolving body throughout motherhood. Our fusion of Supplex and Lycra allows a garment to stretch up to 500 percent before bouncing back to original shape. Me2roo’s unique design employs modern fiber technology, keeping you cool in the summer and warm throughout winter. Superior performance characteristics keep moisture on the surface while allowing proper breathability to give perspiration an ideal pathway to quickly vanish and comfort you. All products are made in the USA!

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