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James Hibler

Pound Ridge, New York
OM Champagne Tea is a naturally effervescent, non-alcoholic, pro-biotic tea. My motto is "There's no taste like OM!" Namaste and cheers!

Tell us about your business.

OM Champagne Tea is my version of an ancient elixir for good digestion and health. The origin of the name "OM" comes from the Sanskrit word meaning 'the original sound of the universe'. I want to make OM Champagne Tea's out-of-the-world taste an everyday enjoyment available everywhere around the world. My family and I drink Champagne Tea everyday, and I started OM-brewing because we were drinking several cases a week! I see the business growing, like my family, organically (and dramatically!), so that our children and our children's children will continue the tradition of drinking and brewing OM Champagne Tea. The business is an extension of our core family values. OM Champagne Tea is all natural being most important for good health, the natural sweetness comes from the live culture present in the elixir, and the happiness in making and presenting OM to a wide audience as an honest to goodness nourishing traditional medicinal tea.

What makes your business stand out?

There are many kombucha cultured drinks on the market, but none call themselves Champagne Tea. We have present our drink in Champagne bottles which customers love. We receive many complements and thanks that they are able to have a non-alcoholic alternative to serve to their guests with a sophisticated presentation. Also making us different is the taste of OM. Time and time again, customers comment that this is the best tasting kombucha they have ever had. I explain to them that kombucha is the quintessential farmer's market food because one should consume locally produced kombucha. It hasn't been trucked across country or kept in a warehouse for months. Rather, each batch was lovingly cared for individually in one gallon glass jars and blended together only after each and everyone was tasted to be sure each was ready for bottling.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The first best advice I received was from friends to sell my kombucha and the town we live in encourages businesses to begin, by hosting a harvest festival each fall which showcases local resident's companies. In the early days of selling Om Kombucha at our town's farmers' market, I was calling it a natural energy drink, and a customer warned me and advised, "stay away from "energy" drinks, they have bad press nowadays, call it champagne tea!" From that day, I referred to the naturally effervescent kombucha as Champagne Tea and shortly thereafter I discovered on-line much to my delight that the URL was available! The most recent piece of advice was to do the John Jay Homestead market in Katonah, NY and that is where I met Martha Stewart in person! Growing up and now with my own family, we are on a first name basis with Martha, often referring to her recipes in books & on-line. Living in the next town, we drive by Martha's and hope to meet again soon!

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