Toombas Jeans & Denim Wear

American Made Since 2005

Haja Scott & Fatima Uwaifo & Zainab Ntaamah

Pflugerville, Texas
Fit, comfort & price are 3 main factors women consider when buying jeans. We specialize in wholesale & private label design for the Curvy Girl!

Tell us about your business.

We are the designers of Toombas Jeans & Denim Wear for the Curvy Girl. We were motivated over 8 yrs ago by an apparent need in the industry. The average woman of today (who comes in various shapes) was being ignored in the world of fashion. So my sisters and I got busy and dedicated all of our free time to learning the realm of denim production. We designed "fail-proof" comfort waistbands that give women of various waist extremes a really good fit. We can confidently say that we perfected a fit that many women today are proud to wear! Then, we began designing casual wear, cocktail wear, trendy styles and now maternity wear for women... all in denim! We also offer private label designing to those who want to offer curvy styles but don't want to spend the time & energy re-creating our fit. We team up w/them to create their designs using our trademarked fit! Amidst today's Curvy-Craze, we continue to spread our message of self love/acceptance via our Love Your Curves (TM) campaign.

What makes your business stand out?

We're women with a mission & a message! Not only are we the designers behind our curvy-fit clothing, but we are very knowledgeable in denim production (it is very rare to find functional denim design factories locally). We offer that expertise to others in the fashion industry in the form of Private Label Designing. We are also planning to bring all areas of the production process in-house as we continue to develop our manufacturing facility to support our wholesale & design operation. So why choose Toombas? Whether you are a customer of our products or you'd like to develop your own, we specialize in showing women how to uniquely love their curves!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Rejection is a normal part of life and business... You may have to go through 100 "No's" before you hear a "Yes." These words keep us motivated as we strive for growth and exposure in an unstable economy and in an industry of fads and those who believe only in overnight-success.

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